10 Common Save the Date Etiquette Questions

Should I send a Save the Date?

Nobody is required to send a save the date (STD) to their friends and family, but it has become a common and expected courtesy. It is very rare that some part of your guest list will not be traveling to your wedding. STDs will increase the chance of guests attending and it will allow time for preparation for travel and expenses. As destination weddings and weddings that have a weekend full of activities become more popular, you will want to make sure you are allowing everyone to have the best chance of attending your special day.

When should I send Save the Dates?

When you announce your wedding to friends and family they will be wondering when and where the wedding will be. STD cards are a great way to let everyone on your guest list know the date of your wedding. These cards are generally sent out 4-8 months before the wedding. If you are planning a get-a-way wedding they should be sent out as soon as possible to allow every one time to arrange for passports, childcare, and their finances. STDs are an important step in notifying everyone when the wedding will be so they can make the proper plans to be at your special day.

Who should I send Save the Dates to?

Generally, these are sent out to everyone on your guest list. You should not expect to get the exact number of people attending your wedding until you receive back your RSVPs.

Should you include a RSVP with your Save the Date?

No. STDs are sent so that your guests can have time to prepare and determine whether they are able to attend your wedding. You should include your RSVP cards with your wedding invitations. Sending STDs will ensure everyone you want to attend your wedding will have the best chance to be at your ceremony.

Should my Save the Date match my wedding colors or invitations?

If it is possible, I always recommend save the dates match the theme of the wedding or wedding stationery. It is definitely not a requirement. Most couples will not know what their invitations will look like or may not even know the colors of their wedding. STDs the dates hold one purpose – to prepare your guests.

I am having a destination wedding, Should I still send Save the Dates?

This depends on whether you have a limit on the amount of people you have attending your wedding. If you want as many people as possible to attend (most resorts offer incentives or free items for more people), then send save the dates as early as possible. This will allow for your guests to save money and arrange their schedules to accommodate your wedding day. It has become common to include pricing for the stay/hotel or to include a statement on the save the date about contacting the resort/wedding couple for more information.

Should I send a save the date magnet or save the date card?

There is no special answer to this question. The cost of save the date magnets have decreased since they became a popular addition to wedding stationery. Think about who you’re sending your save the dates to and your budget. Magnets are less likely to be lost, but you will still probably be paying a little bit more for that luxury.

Can I include our engagement photo on our Save the Dates?

Yes, many vendors allow for photos to be included in all types of wedding stationery. Most of these vendors will require that you send a file of your actually photo and not a scanned copy.

What should be included in my Save the Date?

There are a few important details all save the dates must include.

  • Names of couple getting married
  • Date the couple is getting married
  • A way of telling your guests you would love for them to attend your wedding
  • Let your guests know – “invitation to follow”

Can I make my own Save the Dates?

Of course! You can make your save the dates more elegant by using special paper or if you own a good inkjet printer you may be able to print your own save the date magnets. Special magnet paper can be purchased at specialty stores such as Hobby Lobby.

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