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Internet Revolutionized Music Industry

Music is a very popular form of art that involves sounds and silence in an organized manner. It is very well expressed in terms of pitch, rhythm, and quality of sound. Pitch, rhythm and sound quality are the three integral part of any kind of music that together includes melody, harmony, tempo, meter, articulation, timbre, dynamics, and texture.

The best part of any music is that it keeps on changing with the changing generation with a couple of alterations in the pattern and stimulus. Today, most of the restaurants, hotels and big resorts have musical clippings of the original soundtracks that play an essential role in altering moods of the listeners.

Before exploring the advancements of technology, music was restricted to audio cassettes, CDs, and radios. Gradually, with the advent of technology, innovative means of music sources came into existence. Music industry started adapting itself to the changing needs of the changing generations.

Earlier almost all people had radios but unfortunately that was not enough to rejoice all the best musical notes that an individual desires to hear. Then the evolution shifted to audio cassettes that were good enough to enjoy the rhythmic notes of any music but here too people were not able to get all the desired notes. If they bought one cassette, it may have one song of their choice but not the rest. Eventually, those people ended up taking more and more numbers of cassettes. Later, when the CDs came into existence people were somewhat satisfied with the kind of sound quality and wider choice it used to deliver. Yet, a man is never satisfied be it money, name or even music.

Eventually, a big revolution was brought in the music industry with the introduction of web and Internet. The biggest improvement that Internet brought in the music industry is that every talent can easily reach its target audience without any kind of filter. In the olden days, rich talents used to struggle to make their voice reach their audience. Now, those issues have been resolved.

Today, internet has greatly influence the music world both in India as well as in the international market. A number of web resources have been introduced to serve music lovers with a wide range of their favourite choices and are capable of fulfilling their music aspirations. Now, people can download any number of songs from these web resources. They have an option to search from a long list that is categorized under different sections like singers, music composers, movies, Bollywood songs, devotional songs, old songs, new songs, pop songs and various other denominations.

Furthermore, internet has crossed all the boundaries and geographical barriers that earlier used to restrict the music sources. Today, sitting anywhere in the world, music enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite melodies and dance to the beats.


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