International Cinema in the Greek Islands

Worldwide film in the Greek islands

The one of a kind Greek scene is in itself the ideal setting for true to life creations with shifted content. Greece, obviously, is distinguished abroad with the sun, the ocean, the Greek way of life, the fervor, the great food and the accommodation of local people. All the above allude to the Greek islands, which since the 60’s have started to be utilized as a space in which significant global film films have advanced, which owe their legitimacy, achievement, and acknowledgment to the Mediterranean scenes. These movies contributed altogether to the associate of Greek islands by unfamiliar guests and to the formation of the Greek legendary summer that won’t ever end.

The most significant and generally popular of these movies are the accompanying:

“Kid ON A DOLPHIN”, (1957)

“Kid on a dolphin” was the main film of worldwide creation ever shot in Greece explicitly in Hydra, featuring Sofia Lauren, Alan Ladd and Clifton Webb. The film was a milestone for the island which after the film made it a place that is known for fascination for a great many vacationers and particularly a position of occasion and home of specialists and learned people of that period. The cinematographic scene where Sofia Lauren sings the tune “What is Love” is one of the features of the film.


The title passes on all the vibe of the film and the feeling of the island of Amorgos. Magnificent submerged shots that make a supernatural picture that praises the Mediterranean and the significance of genuine companionship.

Luc Besson with these highlights made a stupendous, baffling film forever. The sea shore of “Agia Anna” in Amorgos will be for the entire world after this film the blue summer we will consistently recuperate.


Italian film respected with an Oscar-winning film. The whole film is recorded in Kastelorizo, a scene that is effectively associated with the film’s issue and environment. The marvels of the island are marvelously introduced and make up an exceptional setting for the film.

“Chief CORELLI’S MANDOLIN”, (2001)

In 2001, the island that has been regarded by American film is Cephalonia. The case happens during the Great War and finds on the island the most genuine scene that her chief could dream of. Significant entertainers in the fundamental jobs (Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz), delightful regular scenes guaranteed achievement and made the island of the Ionian known.


Zorbas. The all around notable novel by N. Kazantzakis, which made an interpretation of with incredible accomplishment into numerous unknown dialects, turned into a notable American film in 1964. The film unfurls in the town of Stavros, Chania. There, on a sea shore, we watch Anthony Quinn as Zorba moving the Syrtaki in music by M. Theodorakis, which will turn into the most popular Greek music from that point onward. The Lady Kedrova Oscar additionally has a place with the materials of the platform. After the film, the name Zorbas will address anything Greek and will turn into the image of the totally unaltered soul. Remarkable and the translation of Alan Bates, who is the legend on the contrary side of Zorba.


Mykonos for Shirley Valentine (1989). The name of the housewife of the film that will get inseparable from the delight of life and love because of an outing to Mykonos. Consequently, the well known nightlife island, the cosmopolitan climate, the abundance and the total summer of Greece will locate its most reasonable example. Tom Conti will presently be the best Greek, customary figure and dream of the multitude of housewives of the world. The bar that stars in the film on the sea shore of Ag. John.


One of the world’s subsequent old style films featuring Anthony Quinn. The old town of Rhodes is the ideal scene of the film where the absolute most significant landmarks of the island are shown. The film is old style and its prosperity was fixed with an Oscar selection and an Oscar for the best impacts. Afterward, the global crowd will be helped to remember Rhodes through Roger Moore, TellySavalas, Claudia Cardinale, Jaqueline Bisset, Ben Kingsley featuring in movies shot on the island.


Corfu with its social landmarks, its memorable secretive climate, and its brilliant sea shores, was the ideal setting for an undertaking by the most acclaimed cosmopolitan film specialist. Greek excellence is uncovered by the magnificence that the specialist falls head over heels in love for and the sights of the island. Roger Moore even renounces his number one martini mixed drink for Corfiot wine drinking on a film scene at the overwhelming lovely Theotoki winery.


Darryl Hanah and Peter Gallaher as new lords of affection live in the most mystical spot of summer sexual experiences on the foundation of the Santorini caldera. The dusk and the view from different pieces of the island make the island a notable spot of objective for all darlings.


In 2003, Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft is at the pinnacle of her wonder, and Santorini takes off with her on certain scenes of the film that has an effect. The enchanted picture of the caldera captures everyone’s attention and Santorini ascends to the highest point of the most amazing islands on the planet.

“MAMMA MIA!”, (2008)

It is truly Skopelos! It’s tied in with moving Broadway’s melodic to the big screen. The story is put in Skiathos and acquires the Sporades the spotlight; watchers find an alternate delight away from the pictures that are familiar with the Cyclades. All through the film, the outside overwhelms by introducing an exceptional setting of wonderful sea shores, sanctuaries, and bays. The case is outlined by ABBA’s exemplary tunes that are enormously upheld by Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Amanda Seyfried featuring. Nothing resembles the Greek Kalokeri of the film.

“THE IMMATURE”, (2014)

Italian film was shot altogether in Paros, which is for the heroes the spot of getaway from the tiring regular day to day existence. Together we watch a display of Paros with the sea shores, the towns that catch the excellence of the island and convey the Cycladic aromas and the feeling of the occasion.